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    Art Direction, Exhibition Design and Webdesign
    Menstruation is a silent spectacle. For every woman, half of her lifetime, every month or even more often. What currently attracts media attention is its ambivalence: shame and normalcy. Bleeding every month is the most common thing in the world. To reconcile with their bleeding is a task in the fertile life of every woman. Because ignoring is not an option. This is where „Womenstruation“ comes in. The photo essay brings menstruation one step closer to normalization.
    „Womenstruation“ is an artistic photo series by the designers Annika Neubauer and Monika Müllner together with the photographer Wolfgang Bohusch. Facts, side effects and scurrilities about the menstrual period in 12 pictures.
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    Ulrike Lambert

    Timeless yet unconventional are not only the designs of the Viennese architect Ulrike Lambert, but also the demands on her new website which is characterized by its clear design language and the subtle play with accents and overlapping layers. Besides webdesign and programming, we designed the logo and business papers such as stationery and business cards.
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    twospot is an augmented reality app development studio from Vienna.

    The twospot app is an augmented reality messenger that lets you modify the environment and share the experiences with friends and the whole community.

    Bureau Glyzerin has created the corporate identity, user experience & user interface design of the app, their website and various campaigns.

    3D Motion Design: Vincent Wagner

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    Theater Combinat

    For the operetta by Claudia Bosse and Günther Auer "POEMS OF DAILY MADNESS" Bureau Glyzerin has designed posters, flyers and program booklets.

    Production: Claudia Bosse / theatercombinat

    Photos: Eva Würdinger

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    Sole Plane

    Leonhard Haider aka Sole Plane is a beat producer from Vienna, Austria. Together we made the album cover for his EP Sundown.


    Listen here: Sole Plane - Sundown

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    The Munich based photographer Andreas Pollok decided to get a rebranding of his corporate identity. Together with Zachary Kutz we designed the logo, stationary and the wesite.
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    The installation of Bureau Glyzerin is an interactive typographic experiment which was implemented together with the designer Monika Müllner, the interaction designer Alexander Hackl and THISPLAY.

    The letter was used in a playful context, detached from its original purpose. Using a projector and infrared camera, visitors formed letters through their movements. The created letters were used to create a poster and flyer series as well as an experimental font.

    The exhibition took place on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Vienna Design Week as part of Design Herbst under the name Young Design Floor at stilwerk Vienna.


    Take a look at the Website: Narcisisstic-A

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    Kunst und Bildung

    Bureau Glyzerin designed a booklet for the Institute of Art and Education of the Art University Linz. The 12-page booklet within a booklet contains information about all departments and fields of study.

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    Daniela Leithner

    For the psychotherapist Daniela Leithner esteem and sincerity as well as trust is an essential factor in dealing with her patients. We have translated these attributes with clear design language and transparency. In addition to business papers such as stationery and business cards there was also created a website.
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    Arnicae typeface

    The inspiration for Arnicae came from the writings on labels of old apothecary bottles and letterings of facades of councils in Vienna. Both the bottles and the councils letterings are from the 1920s and have diverse characteristics and details that incorporated in the forms of Arnicae. Arnicae is a sans linear antiqua whose constructed forms found dependence in the Bauhaus geometry. Her appearance is neuter and clean. Its name comes from the Tictura Arnicae, an inflammation inhibitory medicine, which is made out of Arnica (Marguerite).
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    Antworks was founded in 2012 by Christian Miletzky. He designs and builds training boards and training grips for climbing enthusiasts and pull-up fanatics. After five years in the business his company started to grow and Christian opted for a rebranding and a website with an online shop.